//Veterans and PTSD

Veterans and PTSD

Despite leaving the war-torn parts of the world behind them, many Canadian veterans return home with more than just superficial scars. These scars cause night terrors, outbursts of anger, and flashbacks, which put a serious strain on the veteran’s everyday functioning. These scars are commonly referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is one of the three most diagnosed mental health problems among veterans.  With it being such a huge concern with those returning to Canada after a tour, why is it that so many go untreated? With recent waves of soldier suicides, this issue needs to be brought to the forefront when it comes to support after a veteran returns home.

Medical marijuana has been proven quite effective in treating some of the symptoms of PTSD. With recent developments in cannabinoid research, we hope to see even stronger evidence of its efficacy in the future. Medical Marijuana Group works closely with those who advocate on behalf of veterans with PTSD. This partnership is crucial in providing these brave men and women with the help that they need.

If you suffer from PTSD as a result of service in the Canadian Armed Forces or a car or workplace accident, please contact Medical Marijuana Group today at info@medmc.ca or call 1-888-643-8387.

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