//Medical Marijuana Ingestion 101

Medical Marijuana Ingestion 101

By now we have all heard about vaping, but there are still many misconceptions as to how the process actually works.

How you vape depends on the machine you own and yet the principle remains the same. The vaporizing machine will heat the medical marijuana to the point just before it burns, turning the active cannabinoids into a gaseous/vapour state which can be inhaled. It is important to note that there is no real answer to the long term effects of vaping, but it is considered a safer alternative to smoking (as burning marijuana releases many of the same chemicals as tobacco).

Another effective alternative to smoking and vaping is edibles. Edibles work well for some patients, especially those who require pain management over several hours. Because they are digested, the cannabinoids released into your body take a longer time to take effect, but they also last for longer period of time. However, variables such as strength and longevity of relief depends on the strain used in the extraction process. Edibles are also easy to make at home, as the extraction process for making things like butter and oil infused with cannabis can be found all over the internet. For an extensive variety of tried and true recipes, click here

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