//Treating ADHD with Cannabis

Treating ADHD with Cannabis

ADHD was thought of as a childhood illness that was often chalked up to “hyper-activity”. As it was studied more, it was shown that ADHD can persist into adulthood and cause serious problems in both children and adults.

With the advent of Ritalin, there were countless children dying from the use of it and similar drugs. To put a stop to these deaths, researchers started looking for an alternative to Ritalin. Cannabis has since been used to treat countless adults and children with ADHD, and the results are very promising.

Studies done to test the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment returned positive results, especially when it came to a reduction or complete elimination of the more severe symptoms of drugs like Ritalin (i.e. psychosis, burst blood vessels, heart failure, and death). Patients often saw a rise in productivity, concentration, and a decrease in distractibility. In severe cases of ADHD, changes like this could completely change the life of the patient.

Medical cannabis is slowly realizing its full potential as a legitimate medicine. With further developments in research, more people will hopefully be thinking of medical marijuana as a first line treatment for ADHD.

If you or a loved one suffer from ADHD, please contact Medical Marijuana Group today at info@medmc.ca or call 1-888-643-8387.

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