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An MMG Patient’s Story: Regaining Quality of Life With Medical Marijuana

Recently, Medical Marijuana Group (MMG) received an email from a patient, R.B. who suffered a horrific car accident in October, 2012 that left him with severe chronic pain, agoraphobia and depression. MMG was able to help R.B. access the strains of medical marijuana right for his conditions as well as to make sure that the cost was 100% covered by insurance. In a heartwarming letter to the MMG team, R.B. talks about how medical marijuana has helped him treat his symptoms and get back a quality of life he’d previously thought was lost forever. In his own words, R.B writes…

Thank you for all the help that you have provided me with. It has helped me immensely with my catastrophic impairments. I feel that it is a positive change in my life. Medical marijuana has not had the same side effects that the pills have been prescribed. Since starting medical marijuana I find that I am able to get relief for multiple symptoms at the same time instead of having to take more medications to help with the side effects of other medications. My hope is that I can lower my medication (and one day even stop) and just be on medical marijuana. That would make me happy because I am usually scared to go anywhere without my medications.

I feel I don’t belong in this world at times and usually I isolate myself. I can’t escape my horrific thoughts very much, but I found myself the other day giggling randomly. I smiled for the first time in a while! I was tearing up just typing you this because I forgot about all the suffering that I go through daily and my symptoms weren’t on my mind and I was able to get lost in a nice movie and get away from this hell of a reality that I live. When I found out that I was able to get some help with getting my cannabis covered, it was the first good news I’ve received in quite some time. It was not only good news, it was my lifeline. I could not afford very much at all before and it had to be the products that were on sale It was very hard for me to medicate regularly, and it greatly affected my mood. I’m so grateful for the help I received with this. Bless you all.

One problem that I have had is releasing and relaxing my stomach muscles so that I can urinate. The last time that it was bad, I was rushed to the hospital that told me my bladder was about to burst and I had to get a catheter installed in me which was very embarrassing and horrific! The medications that I was on were not able to relax me enough that time. This changed when I started using cannabis oil. Not only does it help with relaxing my stomach muscles, it relaxes my entire body which has had a positive impact on my life. I also have agoraphobia along with lots of other phobias. Cannabis oil helps me to not be afraid 24 hours of the day, and enables me to feel normal. I can’t think of one time where my previous medications have done this for me.

Even though it does not completely fix me, I find cannabis helps way better than medications that I have been on. It has taken away the stress and fears of more medications with more side effects that I had gotten accustomed to in the recent years. I know I sound like a broken record, but it is truly a blessing – more than any words I could ever find to say or type. This is very difficult for me to be writing in this moment, but I need to let people know how serious of a lifesaver this could be. Just having the help and support I needed to get funding for something I feel works well with less side effects is wonderful.

Thank you to such a wonderful team of such caring individuals from all my heart. God bless.

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