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Advantages To Obtaining a Prescription Despite Legalization

With legalization legislation on the horizon, many Canadians are starting to question whether they will continue to need a prescription for marijuana. However, there are many reasons why having a prescription will continue to beneficial to many patients across Canada.



Medical marijuana from Health Canada Licensed Producers is highly regulated and controlled. Without a prescription, patients cannot gain access to these Licensed Producers and medication that has been tested for contaminants as well as its medicinal content. Licensed Producers will continue to lead the way in marijuana in Canada after legalization, despite the recent epidemic of illegal dispensaries. Dispensaries pose a huge risk to Canadians as the products are untested, unregulated, and we are currently unaware of the source of the marijuana/edibles/extractions.



Black Market and dispensary prices can be significantly more expensive than Licensed Producers. Some patients have been charged as much as $20 per gram in some dispensaries in Canada. With Licensed Producers, the current costs range from $3.50-$15.00 per gram, most of which falls between $7.25-10.00 per gram. Many Licensed Producers also offer Compassionate Pricing Programs to assist patients who are the recipients of government assistance or have a low-income. Without a prescription, Canadians run the risk of paying much more for their medical marijuana and not having access to programs that makes their medication more affordable.


Coverage Through Insurance

Currently it is not common for company drug benefits plans to cover medical marijuana. However, it will become increasingly common as more education is provided to workplaces regarding the rights of their employees and cannabis as a medicine. Having a prescription not only helps to protect employee’s rights to medicate while working, but also allow them to submit drug coverage exceptions for their prescription.



Though the legislation is expected to be talked about this Spring, it has been made very clear that legalized marijuana in Canada will not be readily available to the public until late 2018/early 2019. This means that the only legal way to obtain marijuana in Canada will continue to be with a prescription from a Licensed Producer. For patients who do not wish to legally medicate until the new legislation is passed, maintaining a prescription is very important.


If you or someone you love needs access to safe and legal medical marijuana for their chronic condition or injury, contact us today.

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