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Consumption of Medical Marijuana: Oil VS Dried Cannabis

For patients in Canada, there are currently 2 forms of medical marijuana available to patients to purchase– edible oils and dried cannabis. These products can have varying efficacy for each patient, and treating different conditions often requires different methods of consumption. It is important to take the following into consideration when choosing an oil or dried product:


Method of Consumption

Dried cannabis is typically vaporized or made into edibles (through extraction processes like canna-butter/oil). Some patients do choose to smoke their medical marijuana, though this is not the recommended method of consumption by Health Canada.

Oils are edible products that can be dropped under the tongue or used to dose edibles. They are very discreet and many people prefer it over vaporizing, especially during the day time when they are working.


Duration of Effects

Typically, the effects of vaporizing start 5-15 minutes, and will last for approximately 2-4 hours. Vaporizing is generally used for break through pain and symptoms that require quick relief (i.e. spasms, anxiety attacks etc.)

Oils take approximately 1 hour to take effect, but will last for 6-8 hours (with the effects peaking at approximately 2 hours after ingestion). Edibles are generally used for longer lasting relief of symptoms (i.e. pain relief throughout the day, staying asleep, etc.).


Availability Through Licensed Producers

Every Licensed Producer in Canada provides dried cannabis as an option to purchase, but only a handful provide oils as an option. This is important to consider when you are choosing a Licensed Producer or switching from one to another to ensure that they have the products available that you require.


If you or someone you love needs access to safe and regulated medical marijuana, please contact us.

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