//What Health Canada Wants You to Know About The Cannabis Act

What Health Canada Wants You to Know About The Cannabis Act

What Health Canada Wants You to Know About The Cannabis Act

With October 17th approaching, Health Canada has released a quick guide regarding the implementation of The Cannabis Act and what it means for medical cannabis patients in Canada.

Below we have a break down of the important points that every medical patient needs to know for legalization next week.

Access to Medical Cannabis

You will still be able to purchase your medical cannabis through Licensed Producers, register with Health Canada for personal-use production or designate someone to grow for you.

You will also able to buy recreational cannabis at provincial or territorial authorized retail outlets and through the provincial or territorial authorized online sales platforms, but you are still required to abide by the rules that apply to all other adults buying cannabis for non-medical purposes.

Accessing Medical Cannabis from a Federally Licensed Seller

Health Canada is improving upon the existing medical cannabis framework by providing patients the ability to request the return of and/or transfer of your medical document from your licensed seller to another licensed seller.

They are also changing the authorization effective date from the date that the patient is authorized by their health care practitioner to the date that the registration document is issues from the Licensed Producer.  

Health Canada is also eliminating the 30-day limit period for purchasing medical cannabis to assist with the gap that some patients are experiencing due to the current limitation.

There are also a broader range of Licensed Producers and products to become available in the coming months post-legalization.

Personal-Use and Designated Production

Your registration certificate will remain valid until a renewal decision has been made as long as a renewal application has been received by Health Canada prior to the certificate expiry.

As well, the date that the registration certificate is completed and sent to you is the date that it is effective, not the date that the authorization was written by the health care practitioner.

Possession and Personal Storage Limits

You will be able to possess an additional 30 grams for non-medical purposes – medical possession remains 150 grams or 30 times your daily authorization amount (whichever is less).

Medical patients are still required to provide proof of their authorization when requested by law enforcement. This can be provided by showing one of the following: registration document issued by Licensed Producer, or registration certificate from Health Canada for production and/or possession.

Medical marijuana authorization will continue to be a necessary service in Canada as establishing medical need for cannabis in order to get insurance coverage will continue to be needed. If you or someone you know requires authorization, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For the full article released by Health Canada please see Cannabis for Medical Purposes Under the Cannabis Act: Information and Improvements.

Medical Marijuana Consulting will continue to support all patients post-legalization, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns by calling 1-844-312-5143 or visit our website www.medmc.ca. 

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