//More reasons to go medical; The Shortcomings of the OCS

More reasons to go medical; The Shortcomings of the OCS

Recreational cannabis was made legal across Canada on October 17th and within 24 hours over 100,000 orders were placed in Ontario. It is one week post-legalization, and there are thousands of Ontarians still waiting to received their first legal shipment of recreational cannabis. Their system isn’t exactly running smoothly. Here is a list of the many shortcomings of the OCS:

Disappearing Orders

It appears they sold more orders than they could fulfill. The OCS’s Twitter is flooded with complaints. Many orders were also cancelled without notification, including people who ordered within the first few minutes of the website being live. Some reports are saying pending transactions are disappearing from credit card statements. Conveniently enough their customer service number has been shut down “due to circumstances beyond our control.”

Shipping times

The website quotes 3 days shipping with a flat rate of $5. It also mentioned that there would be no interruption due to the postal strike. For those of us who ordered, it goes without saying that this is not the case. The government claimed they have a “contingency plan” if there was a postal strike but will not comment further on what their plan is.

Lack of Options

There was a last-minute decision made by the Conservative Government to make weed sales in Ontario fully private. While other provinces can line up and purchase at storefronts, Ontarians will not be able to purchase from a storefront location until April 29th, 2019. The OCS website is currently the only way to purchase legal recreational cannabis in Ontario.

Website Issues

Descriptions on the website are poor and inconsistent. Some strains had terpene descriptions for instance, while other strains didn’t have any description whatsoever. The website has no photos of the actual dried flower products, only photos of the packaging.

The OCS website says “Shop legal. It’s better to know what’s in your cannabis,” but many disgruntled customers say they’ve experienced just the opposite. There are reports of items being mislabelled in terms of CBD and THC content. A cannabis-infused “intimate” spray, which contains eight milligrams of THC, as well as CBD was mislabelled. The OCS mislabelled how to apply the product, saying it was for “sublingual” use, which means under the tongue.

Benefits of being a Medical Patient:

I ordered from the OCS to see what the experience was like and I don’t plan on ordering again. I typically order through licensed producers with my medical cannabis authorization. Here are some of the benefits I have recently experienced ordering medically vs recreationally:

  • I was able to order my medicine because it was in stock and was shipped within a few days…unlike the OCS.
  • I only pay provincial tax and not the extra tax on recreational cannabis(most LPs, when ordering with a script, will absorb the excess tax that is put on cannabis, which is an extra 10% or more depending on your province)
  • My insurance plan covers medical cannabis as I am authorized for medical cannabis
  • I can claim medical cannabis on my taxes as a medical expense
  • There is a wider variety of strains, as well as pictures of the dried flower

How to get authorized for medical cannabis:

At Medical Marijuana Consulting we can help you to get you authorized for medical cannabis.
To find out more about medical cannabis and to get a authorized, visit us at www.medmc.ca or call or call 1-844-312-5143

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