//How to Protect Your Cannabis

How to Protect Your Cannabis

The stigma around cannabis has reduced significantly in Canada since its official legalization in 2001. Cannabis now, for the most part, is accepted as a legitimate form of medication. Many people who are skeptical about trying cannabis are worried about how they can keep their medication away from children, animals, and other sticky fingers who think its the same as recreational cannabis.

The good news is this article gives you tips and tricks how you can keep your cannabis safe, whether it’s in a prescription bottle purchased from a licensed producer, your homemade edibles, or even being grown outdoors!

When you order cannabis from a Licensed Producer, even if it’s in the form of dried flower, oil, or capsules, it will always be contained in a child-proof medicine container. These hard-to-open bottles have been proven to effectively keep young children away from cannabis. Many patients also choose to use mason jars with rubber-sealed lids. Many containers are scent-proof, as well! This is a great alternative for those who are worried about others accessing their cannabis because many Licensed Producers are now providing your prescription labels separately so that you can attach them onto any storage container that you prefer. 

This can be especially useful to prevent pets from being tempted by the smell. STASHLOGIX has perfected the medicine bag design, with lots of spots to organize your cannabis, as well as accessories inside. It even has a lock to keep everyone out. 

Another way to ensure that your cannabis is safe from children and pets is to store your homemade edibles as securely as you would the rest of your medication. This could mean having them in a plastic container that’s stored in a locked medicine bag in your fridge or cupboard so that you can keep them edible while also remaining secure. It’s also important to note that you don’t want to be leaving any tools used while baking lying around with cannabis on them for children or pets to seek out and consume. Whether you just baked some delicious caramel blondies and there’s still crust baked onto the tin, or whether it’s the pot you used to make butter sitting out, make sure you wash these products right away to avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital or veterinarian!

A large part of growing cannabis is the fear that it might be seen or smelled by intruders, whether that be animals or humans. One of the biggest tips in the industry is “no tell, no smell, no sell.” This means that the best way to prevent anyone knowing about your cannabis growing (thus, preventing it from being stolen) would be not to tell anyone about it, to prevent the smell from travelling, and not to sell it to anyone. I personally know of cases where patients growing their own medical cannabis have only told a few close friends that they were growing, and the next thing they know, their entire crop is gone. This is why it’s so important, in most cases, to stay discreet about the fact that you’re growing cannabis. A good way to ensure your cannabis growing outdoors remains scent-proof is to keep your plants out of sight. It is always important to prevent your plants from being harmed or stolen. This can be done by camouflaging them with tomato plants and large flowers. 

Another great tip for hiding plants is to have very pungent herbs in your garden. The scents from herbs can both hide your cannabis plants and prevent the smell from being recognized to passersby. Another less helpful tip, but one that’s worth bringing up, is knowing which strains grow to be a short or tall length. We recommend doing some research before you start growing so that you can determine what strain variety is best for you! 

If you or anyone you know is interested in obtaining a cannabis prescription to order from producers or grow your own, feel free to contact us via email (patientcare@medmc.ca) or phone (1-844-312-5143)! 

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