//How to Avoid a Cannabis Hangover

How to Avoid a Cannabis Hangover

Many first-time users were hesitant to try Cannabis because of the misconceptions and stigma that has surrounded cannabis for decades. Because Cannabis has been illegal for so long, a lot of people’s experience with Cannabis was scaring. Hitting a bong in high school with product that was from some random dealer in town is not the same as Medical Cannabis. Since the legalization of Medical Cannabis in the last decade, the government has put strict regulations on Cannabis that include limiting pesticides and herbicides and ensuring consistency across products.

Cannabis has a ton of medicinal benefits that almost everyone can benefit from, and there have been zero deaths directly reported to Cannabis and Cannabis is not addictive; thus, the upside is huge!

Many of our patients use Cannabis as a natural sleep aid and pain killer. The most frequently asked question we get when our patients are first-time medical users is “Will Weed Give Me a Hangover.” The answer is both yes and no, because it depends on the person and how you use it.

Cannabis can cause a mild hangover, which is not to be confused with the terrible effects of alcohol. Cannabis “hangovers” result in feeling a little foggy, dehydrated and lethargic the next day. The best way to avoid Cannabis hangovers is to buy clean/tested Cannabis and to drink lots of water, eat healthy, and exercise.

The next way to swerve hangovers is to avoid high-potency strains. If you are experiencing a weed hangover, the worst thing you can do is consume a high-potency strain, as this will aggravate the hangover.

We also recommend starting low and slow and building up your tolerance. Our method and mantra is to get you back on track with your daily routine. We understand that you cannot do this if you are feeling foggy in the morning and are struggling to get out of bed. This is why we always air on the starting with low prescription and dosage amounts; it allows you to be in control of your medicine and work your way up without compromising your day-to-day.

If you want to learn about how you can prevent, or nurse a Cannabis Hangover, read our blog here.

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