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About MMC

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About Us

From education and licensing to help getting your cannabis covered by insurance, Medical Marijuana Consulting is here for all your medical cannabis needs. Boasting a team of top medical, legal, insurance and cannabis experts, we provide full service solutions to our clients.

One of the first companies in Canada to secure funding for Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, Car Accident Victims, as well as private insurance companies covering the cost of medical cannabis.

MMC goes above and beyond for our patient base, providing services that other clinics do not. These include:

  • 24/7 Access to Cannabis-Trained Nurse

  • Securing Insurance Coverage for Patients
  • HC Practitioners Able to Diagnose Anxiety, Depression for those that do not have a current diagnosis available
  • Free Education for Patients, Pharmacists, Healthcare Professionals (CME Approved)
  • Expedited Services for Those in Need

  • Canada-Wide – we serve every Canadian in every province
  • Telemedicine Services – The ability to do your appointment without leaving home

MMC Leadership

Tamara Ireland

Head of Pharmacy and FNMI Departments

Tamara is the head of the Pharmacy Department at Medical Marijuana Consulting. Prior to her position at MMC, Tamara has worked to develop her communication and leadership skills through her existing list of management roles ranging from office, retail and more specifically for the University’s Sport Marketing Team. Currently Tamara has used her skills to shape and create the Brand Ambassador program that allows individuals to refer friends and family to a reliable clinic.

Tamara has taken on the role of leading a department that primarily deals with educating, supporting, and processing patients referred from pharmacies. With patient care being the forefront of her focus, she is responsible for facilitating relationships between pharmacy, patients and MMC. The Pharmacy Department is responsible for processing, educating and following up with each patient, making sure they receive the excellent patient care MMC is known for.

On top of Patient Care, Tamara has taken a keen interest in her Aboriginal communities reaching out to First Nations in Ontario providing them access to medical cannabis. With a history of addiction in her family and community, Tamara works to combat the opioid crisis with a safe alternative that cannabis has proven to offer.