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Civilian Intake Package

There are many benefits in becoming a medical cannabis patient, especially if you are a frequent user or are planning to use cannabis to treat a medical condition. Becoming a medical patient allows for the following benefits:

  • Possibility for you to have your cannabis fully or partially covered by insurance benefits
  • Not having to worry about the stock of the OCS or the unreliability and illegal nature of dispensaries
  • Access to a 24/7 nurse that can help with emergency assistance
  • Access to a staff of highly trained cannabis experts that can help with dosing, strain selection, ordering and more
  • Access to administrative staff that will schedule renewal appointments annually
  • Access to our own suite of doctors and health care professionals that can prescribe cannabis without having to contact your family doctor
  • Receive a Cannabis Card that has your prescription number, photo, contact info, and MMC info to corroborate that you are a medical patient

Download the intake package today to become a licensed medical cannabis user, where you will gain access to everything above and more!

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