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Compound Cream Intake Package

There are many benefits in choosing a Compound to assist in your pain management needs. Topical compounding cream allows patients to target their chronic pain throughout the day, an alternative to oral Opioid use!

If you suffer with chronic targeted pain, benefits to receiving a compound from MMC include the following:

  • Personalized assessment for specific compound to meet your needs (i.e Muscle pain, Joint pain, Inflammation etc)
  • Covered through MOST benefit/drug plans similar to a normal prescription (Green Shield does not cover Compounds)
  • Access to a trained pharmacist to answer all your compounding questions
  • Access to a staff of highly trained compounding experts that can help with any questions while signing up for a compound to aid in your treatment
  • Access to administrative staff that will schedule renewal appointments annually
  • Have compounds delivered to your home twice a month– no pharmacy visits for refills required!
  • Multiple compounding creams available for all pain management needs including Migraine Formulas

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