Medical Cannabis Guide for Occupational Therapists

Medical Cannabis for Symptom and Condition Relief for Your Patients 

Medical Cannabis is a natural and increasingly used alternative treatment which can help provide relief for a number of symptoms and can be tailored as part of your patient’s health and wellness journey. 

Here’s your quick guide to symptoms medical cannabis can treat, medical cannabis products and formats and how MMC can help get your patients access.  

Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is a natural treatment for these common symptoms among our Occupational Therapist’s Patients: 

  • Anxiety  
  • Depression  
  • PTSD 
  • Sleep Disorders 
  • Stress 

Top Products Recommended by the MMC Patient Care Team for our Occupational Therapist’s Patients

Foray Pineapple Orange 5mg Soft Chews Edibles  
Price: $5.99/ per 2x5g chews 

These are a deliciously discreet way for out OTs patients to take their medical cannabis. A juicy pineapple flavour with a balance of 5mgs THC and 5mgs of CBD an easy method for a help with a wide variety of symptoms.  

Hybrid 1:1 Vaporizer Cartridge   
Price: $49.99/cartridge  

From Peace Naturals Medical Cannabis this cartridge is an extract of 360mg THC and CBD, with a rich terpene flavour. Start slow with one inhalation to help provide symptom relief.  

The Green Organic Dutchman Ripple by TGOD THC Dissolvable Powder – 5mg 
Price: $8.00/ 2×0.45g 

This is a hybrid blend, containing high THC greater than 15%. A convenient option, popular with patients who do not like the taste of cannabis as it is a flavourless option, which can be put into drinks to consume.  

The MMC Difference

At MMC we provide a white-glove service for all our patients, with ongoing guidance and much more.

Appointments with Healthcare Practitioners

Book a free appointment on our easy access with our telemedicine services allowing patients to have their appointments from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. 

Prescription for Medical Cannabis

Our team of physicians, psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners are experts in the field and able to authorize prescriptions as part of our patients personalised treatment plan. 

Consultations For Grow-Your-Own Licence

We help our patients apply for a Grow Your Own Licence with Health Canada. These licences make it possible for patients to grow more than 4 plants per household to meet their medical cannabis needs. 

OCF-18 Support For Motor Vehicle Accident Patients

We guide Motor Vehicle Accident Patients through the OCF-18 Treatment and Assessment Plan to send to insurers and help get medical cannabis covered by accident benefits. 

Our knowledgeable and compassionate Patient Advisor Team offer step by step patient support for Seniors. 

Assistance With Insurance Benefits and Tax Claims

Did you know the majority of extended benefit plans cover medical cannabis? We can help with the documentation or verification required for insurance companies in Canada to get our patients coverage for their medicine. 

Ready for your medical cannabis prescription?