6 Sativa Strains to Increase Creativity

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For a long time cannabis has had a stigma of making people lazy. When in reality, apart from the medical advantages of cannabis, certain cannabis strains can help boost your creativity and increase your productivity.  

The effect of cannabis depends largely on the kind of strain you use. Some strains make you feel relaxed and mellowed-out, but if you know about the right ones, you can feel more active and productive. They can expand your creative thinking and open your mind to new thoughts and ideas.  

Sativa strains, in particular, are best known for their energizing effects. So, if you’re feeling in a slump and need a nudge in a creative direction, check out these 6 sativa strains to give yourself a boost! 

Durban Poison  

This strain originates from Durban in South Africa and has a sweet and earthy aroma. The word poison may seem a little daunting but Durban Poison is thought of as one of the best energizing cannabis strains on the market as people report feeling energetic and uplifted after use. 

Sour Diesel  

Sour Diesel is one of the most famous strains of cannabis which can have a euphoric, mood boosting effect. The strain has a zesty flavour, like citrus fruit as well as a distinct aroma of fuel. Like its unique smell, this strain can help fuel your creativity. 

Green Crack  

Don’t let the name of this strain put you off, it’s a pure Sativa strain with a tangy and fruity taste and a high THC content, which varies around 17%. Users claim it to be amazing for boosting your energy physically and mentally. Apart from making some people more active and responsive, Green Crack increases others’ creativity.   


Chocolope is a THC dominant Sativa strain ideal for increasing energy and creativity. The strain has a sweet and earthy flavour that may remind you of chocolate (hence the name) and is known to have uplifting effects on the user’s mood, promote a strong burst of energy and creativity. Fun fact! Chocolope is created by the cross-breeding of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. 

chocolope, a THC dominant sativa strain

Super Lemon Haze  

Super Lemon Haze is another Sativa strain with a high THC content which, as the name suggests, has a citrusy and tangy flavour similar to lemons. Users of this strain report it to be energizing, uplifting, and helpful for refocusing your mind and increasing creativity. 

Jack Herer 

Named after the late cannabis activist Jack Herer, known as the king of hemp, users claim this strain is energizing, uplifting and mentally stimulating. Said to help you to focus on your task, and increase your productivity.  

Have you got a favourite strain to boost your creativity? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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