How To Order – Patient Guide

Your Guide to Ordering Medical Cannabis  

First, you’ll need to have an online appointment with one of our experienced Practitioners and get authorized. But then what happens? How do I go from securing my prescription to getting my medical cannabis treatment delivered straight to my door? The answer is, you’ll order straight from your Licensed Producer.  

Today, it’s simple for patients to order from a Licensed Producer. 

A Brief History of Medical Cannabis in Canada  

In 2001 the Canadian government launched Canadian Medical Marihuana Access Regulations allowing patients across the country access to medical cannabis. Then, in 2016, Canadians were able to acquire a license to grow their own cannabis from home. This came with the launch of Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, which it remains to this day. 

In 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. Leading to wide distribution and access to cannabis products. Significant, in-depth research on the medical benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. Now, Licensed Producers are taking their knowledge and creating innovative, lab-tested products for both medical and recreational cannabis needs. 

Thanks to this progress it’s easier now than ever to access medical cannabis, with the help of a clinic like MMC, and ordering from a Licensed Producer is simple too…  

Let’s get into it.  

How Do I Order My Medical Cannabis? 

It’s simple to order medical cannabis from a Licensed Producer, here’s how:  

Step 1: Education Session

After your online appointment with one of our experienced Nurse Practitioners, a member of our Patient Care Team will contact you for an Education Session.  

Step 2: Choose an LP

In this Education Session you’ll have the opportunity to discuss product formats, choose an LP, discuss products and decide which is best suited for you.  

Step 3: Register with you LP

Once you’ve decided on an LP, you’ll register with them. For example, if pick Medical Cannabis by Shoppers you’ll visit their website, follow the link on their homepage and fill out their simple registration form.  

Step 4: Order Directly from your LP 

When you’ve registered, you can browse your LP’s products, pick the product discussed in your Education Session and order. Your LP will promptly send it in the mail, delivering it straight to your door!  

Step 5: Need a hand? We’re always happy to help.  

 If at any point you would like some help, registering or ordering from your LP a member of our Patient Care Team will be happy to help.  

Ready for your medical cannabis prescription?