Your Guide to Claiming Medical Cannabis on Your Taxes

You might not realise but, like any other medical prescription, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows medical cannabis to be claimed as a medical expense deduction on your federal income taxes. 

How to Claim Medical Cannabis on your Taxes 

All Your Questions Answered on How You Can Save and Claim Today
  1. Who can claim? 

If you have a receipt of the medical cannabis product you buy from your Licensed Producer, you can claim. Hold on to all copies of your receipts, you’ll need them when it comes to filing your taxes. 

2. How much can I claim?  

The amount paid you paid for your medical cannabis, excluding accessories. Whether its dried flower, oils, concentrates, topicals or edibles, you can claim your money back. You can’t, however, claim on accessories. For example, you can claim on a concentrate cartridge but not a vaporizer battery. This also excludes pipes, rolling equipment or items for storage.  

3. How should I file for my medical cannabis?   

When you file your Tax Returns use your receipts to calculate the amount you spent on your medical cannabis. Add this amount to any other allowable medical expenses that you plan to claim on your T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return. Submit your receipts or, if you use tax software, enter your medical expenses in the deductions and credits section at the end of your tax year. 

4. What gets deducted?  

Your total eligible medical expenses minus the lesser of $2,268 or 3% of your income after taxes. Each province has different tax laws and policies. The majority of taxpayers in Canada only submit one return through the CRA. Quebec is an exception however as residents file both a provincial income tax return with Revenu Québec and a federal return with the CRA. 

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