10 Useful Marijuana Strains for Sleep Improvement

cannabis strains for sleep improvement

Is there anything that can impact your day quite like a full night’s sleep? The good news is that marijuana strains for sleep can actually play a really helpful role in letting you get that all-important sleep, so you’re energized and ready for the next day.

Let’s breakdown the best medical marijuana strains for sleep, including differentiating between THC strains for sleep and CBD strains for sleep.

THC-Dominant Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Granddaddy Purple

Featuring a strong berry and grape flavour, this is a great strain for relieving pain and anxiety and also encouraging good sleep. It helps with sleep due in part to its high levels of myrcene, a terpene.

Grape Ape

Another grape-flavoured strain, A crossbreed that isn’t too overpowering, it helps relax the muscles, improve mood, and relieve anxiety.

Pink Kush

Celebrated for its ability to relax the body, this is another great option or those looking to get some better, deeper, and easier sleep.

Tahoe OG Kush

Another fantastic muscle-relaxer, it’s worth noting that many find this strain to be a bit stronger

than other Kush hybrids. Having said that, there are few that are as potent when it comes to helping with sleep.

Hindu Kush

Speaking of the Kush family, Hindu Kush is best smoked and can help bring instant relief to pain, anxiety, and muscle tension, allowing for better sleep.


Sherbet (also known as Sunset Sherbet) has an orange ting to it that sets it apart. This hybrid strain is great for those looking for a stronger high that will last for hours.

God’s Gift

A berry- and citrus-heavy strain, this helps lift your mood while relaxing the body, making sleep easy.

CBD-Dominant Cannabis Strains for Sleep


While you’re better off going with a THC-dominant strain for sleep aid, as research points to THC being the main driver of cannabis’s relaxing effects, that doesn’t mean that you need a lot of it. Those looking for a lower THC strain while still getting sleep help can opt for ACDC, which features a relatively low THC element with high amounts of CBD. CBD can make you feel more alert, but in this specific case, ACDC has been shown to help with sleep.

THC-CBD Balanced Strains


With equal amounts of CBD to THC, this is a great option for those looking for that relaxation relief without experiencing the psychoactive “high” feeling as strongly.

Sweet and Sour Widow

Another sleep aid with fewer psychoactive effects (sleeping while feeling paranoid is not easy), this is a great option for those looking to skip the high feeling before bed.

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